Book Genres

Non-Fiction book genre
Books that provide true facts and information about different subjects.

Fiction book genre
Stories which are not real, they are imagined or made up

Fantasy book genre
A fiction story where there is a struggle between good and evil. Often times, there is magic. The characters do things that couldn't happen in real life.

Fairy Tales book genre
The characters are make believe. There may be magic. They often begin with "Once upon a time" and end with "happily ever after." Good usually versus evil.
Biographies book genre
A book of true stories about the life of a person. The author is a different person than the book is written about. The book describes how the person affected others.

Historical Fiction book genre
Some characters may be real and others fictional. The story takes place during a period in history. Real events from history are mixed with fictional events. Characters may speak in a way that represents the time period.

Science Fiction book genres
These stories are written with future ideas such as space travel and new technology. The characters are fictional and a problem is usually solved using science.
Poetry book genre
It usually touches your feelings. It may or may not be written with rhymes.
Realistic Fiction book genre
The characters behave in realistic ways. There is usually a problem or conflict to be solve. The setting is in modern times.

Mystery book genre
The characters are usually fictional but behave in realistic ways. There is a problem that needs to be solved. Clues are used by characters to find a solution to the mystery.
Fables book genre
Short stories with animal characters that act like humans. There is a lesson or moral to be learned from each story.
Reference book genre
These books provide true facts and information. Some examples include: dictionary, almanac, atlas, thesaurus and encyclopedia.

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